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Affordable life Cover

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Life Cover

Losing a family member or someone close to you is one of the most difficult things anyone can deal with. If that person did not properly plan ahead to cover their expenses they leave a tremendous burden for their loved ones. The grieving process is difficult enough, only to be made more complicated when financial issues become involved. The last thing someone wants to be remembered for is not properly planning ahead. From as little as R250 per month, you can ensure that your family will be provided for after you have passed on.

Clientèle Life offers you a choice of Life Cover products:


Lasting Dignity Cash Back Plan

    The Lasting Dignity Cash Back Plan, brought to you by Clientèle Life, is a lasting gift of love which has helped thousands of South Africans take care of their families in the event of death.

  • From R250 per month.
  • Pays between R20,000 and R200,000.
  • First R10,000 payable within 48 hours.
  • Cash Back after every 60 premiums paid.
  • No medical examination required.
  • Includes immediate cover for Accidental Death.
  • 75% cash advance if you are diagnosed as being terminally ill.

Premium Life Plan

Clientèle Life makes insurance simpler for you with a life insurance solution, the Premium Life Plan.

  • From R215 per month.
  • Up to R10 Million Life Cover.
  • Premiums determined according to your specific risk profile.
  • No paperwork or full medical examination required.
  • We will send a nurse to you for 1 simple blood test.
  • Optional Cash Back after every 60 premiums paid.
  • Optional additional cover for Disability (up to R5 Million)
  • Optional additional cover for Critical Illness (up to R3 Million).

Life Insurance is an important part of taking care of your loved ones.